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[WRITING IN THE DARK] is a mix for writers looking for inspiring and yet unobtrusive music. Over the years I’ve found myself returning to certain tracks — in part for the feelings they evoke— but mostly for their ability to aid my writing process without distracting me from the story. The above is a selection of my favorites~ ♥︎

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Ever since I answered this question, people have been asking me for my favorite music tracks to listen to— well, here you go! These are seriously some of my favorite tracks to listen to while writing, "Schala’s Theme" in particular tends to sneak into every single one of my books. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it~ ♥︎

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8xel source:maxkirin

Evan and Jaron - "Crazy For This Girl" (2000)


Kylie Minogue — “Loveboat”


Lua by Bright Eyes

and I know you have a heavy heart
I can feel it when we kiss
so many men stronger than me
have thrown their backs out
trying to lift it
but me I’m not a gamble
you can count on me to split
the love I sell you in the evening
by the morning won’t exist

HyunA - 빨개요

VISIONAIRES  |  ( listen )

Sounds for hopeless souls floating away into a blackening abyss. A mix for cosmonauts, and the emptiness of their everlasting space.

And then I feel only love
What’s been is gone and I’ll be one
One with the wind and sky above